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Why the U. S. Should Support Israel

In addition to the obvious - they are our strongest ally and the most senior democracy in the Middle East - the Lord God commands it.

Beginning in Genesis, God promised Abram and his descendents through Isaac the land surrounding Jerusalem (a considerably larger plot than the current Israeli state). That deed was not temporary or conditional - the land of Israel belongs to the Jews.

Jerusalem is mentioned by name over 800 times in the Bible (659 times in the OT, 149 times in the NT), as belonging to God's chosen people. On the other hand, the Quran never makes any claim on Jerusalem, or the land surrounding it.

A Quick Modern History Lesson

  1. 1918: With the defeat of Germany (and their ally, Turkey) in WWI, the Ottoman Empire was divided up, and the area surrounding the Jordan River was mandated to France (area of Lebanon and Syria) and Britan (area of Jordan, Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank - named Palestine). Britain was inclined to make the entire area into Jewish state because no other group had ever claimed the area as a homeland.
  2. 1923: Britain divided their section into two administrative districts - West of the Jordan River - the area reserved for the Jews - and East of the Jordan (renamed Trans-Jordan, giving that territory to Emir Abdullah of Hajez - now Saudi Arabia). At this point, 3/4 of the land named Palestine was in Arab control, and 1/4 under Jewish control.
  3. 1929-1939: Arabs attacked Jews and British, trying to drive them out of the land west of the Jordan.
  4. 1946: Trans-Jordan renamed to Jordan.
  5. 1947: Britain turned over administration of Palestine to the United Nations. The Resolution 181 plan proposed to divide the remaining 25% of Palestine into a Jewish and a second Arab state, based on population concentrations. The Jews agreed to the division, but the Arabs rejected it, wanting ALL of the land.
  6. 1948: On May 14th, the Palestinian Jews declared their independence as the nation of Israel. Arab armies planning to invade advised their Arab brothers to leave the area until the Israelis were driven out, at which point they could return and take over Jewish property. About 70% left at that point. After 19 months, and losing 1% of their population, Israel was victorious. As a result, the state of Israel was slightly larger than the UN proposal, while Egypt occupied the Gaza Strip and Jordan took over the area directly WEST of the Jordan River (including Jerusalem). At this point, nearly 85% of the land originally designated a Jewish state of Palestine was under Arab control. At no time did Egypt, Syria, or Jordan offer to create an "Arab Palestinian" state on that land.
  7. 1964: PLO formed, led by Yasser Arafat.
  8. 1967: Six Days War - Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel. Israel destroyed Egypt's air force, defeated Jordan on the West Bank and Syria in the Golan Heights. Note: The Arab forces LOST this territory after a PRE-EMPTIVE strike on Israel. They also regained control over Jerusalem, where they had been denied access for 19 years during Jordanian occupation.
  9. 1973: Yom Kippur War - Egypt and Syria invaded on October 6th, outnumbering Israelis 12 to 1, and losses were heavy until October 10th, when the Syrians were pushed back out of the Golan Heights. After intervention from the Soviets on the Arab side, and the US on Israel's side, a lasting cease-fire was reached on October 25th
  10. 1980: Israel declared Jerusalem to be its capital. (Tel Aviv is recognized by the UN and national governments as the capital).
  11. 1982: Egypt peace treaty. Israel occupied southern Lebanon.
  12. 1993 - 1999: Negotiation of Oslo Accords.
  13. 1994: Jordan peace treaty
  14. 1996: Yasser Arafat elected Palestinian President
  15. 2000: Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon.
  16. 2005: Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas refuses to recognize the nation of Israel and continues rocket attacks.

Facts with Maps - quick timeline

Basic Facts - with a lot of details

Palestinian Refugees Map - food for thought

Peace negotiations have stalled once again, leading to the current issue of Jerusalem. Honestly, in what universe does one nation have the right to tell another how they might use the land in one of their cities? This time is crucial for the US to support Israel, both from a Biblical perspective and a common sense one.

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