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Major Financial Crisis
September 29th 2008
This has been a major topic of personal study. Starting back in 1998 I developed a trend analysis of 26 different composite indicators of the world wide economy. More as a hobby than for investment since all of my life savings was tied up in the Internet business I just started. To make a long story short, I had a strong inference that we would be facing a potential for total economic collapse sometime in the next decade. In 2003 I tightened up my theory and made the bold prediction to whoever would listen (told at least 30 people, only 2 listened) that around Thanksgiving 2008 my worst case scenario had a 99% chance of occurring. Guess what - I only missed it by 2 months! Everything including the relative strength of the Australian and New Zealand economies being able to rebound faster was correct. I'm not through. I believe France, Germany and Canada will be the first nations to start to rapidly dump the USA dollar as their dominant reserve currency. Guess what that means!

In 2005 I believe I was called to write a book on "How the survive TEC" Total Economic Collapse. Unfortunately I was attacked and could not finish it. Due to the public nature of this blog I cannot state what happened to me, who did it and what their true motivations against me are, but, thanks to the grace of God and my faith in Jesus Christ the wicked are being held back. Also since I listened to what I believe God told me, I was able to take our meager savings and though gold, foreign currency hedging, and word of knowledge about some specific real estate, was able to get a 5 fold return on investment. My net value is just about zero, but I now have no debt! God has given me a clean slate.

He can give you a clean slate too, plus through your acceptance of Jesus Christ, everlasting life!

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