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We know that the battle is close at hand - Israel in 1948 has been regathered into the land as one united nation. Once again, it flows with milk and honey (After God's people possess the land He gave them). Israel has leveraged hydroponics and actually cultivates crops that can grow in brackish water so what was barren land is now the largest producer of citrus in the world. There are weapons with capacity to kill and melt flesh (Zech. 14:11b - 12; Ez. 22:21), but leave buildings, machinery and masses of contaminated bodies in their wake. These bodies will require specially trained forensic teams to bury them (Ez. 39:14-15) after a 7 month waiting period. The unused weapons of the invading forces could contain a substantial amount of fissile material and can easily provide electricity for seven years (Ez. 39:9 - 39:16) in Israel's 4 nuclear plants. The two remaining time factors are:

  1. That Israel will be living at peace with her neighbors. While that's certainly not true right now (September, 2009), it's only a matter of time before a treaty is negotiated between the Israelis & Palestinians.
  2. Not all the nations listed in the army are currently aligned with one another though things are changing rapidly IE: Poland getting chummy with Russia.

Why Should I Care?

According to Ezekiel, 5 out of 6 of the invading forces will be destroyed as well as those who reside safely in the isles that don't challenge the invasion of Israel. Why would God's wrath fall on Tarshish and her young lions? Why not?

  1. Not supporting Israel (Isaiah 58)
  2. Infanticide and the death penalty (Ez 18-23, Psalm 127:3-5, Proverbs 24:11)
  3. Unbridled greed like the world has never seen. (Isaiah 56:11, Ezekiel 22:12, Jude 1:11, Micah 3:11, Isaiah 10:6)
  4. Hardened Hearts no true agape anymore, the positive trait of empathy is publicly vilified by hypocrites calling themselves Christian (2 Tim 4:3-4 1 John 4:8 2 Pete 2:2, 2:15, 1 John 4:20)

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